Marrocos: Pra lá de Marrakech

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Iceland - O paraíso ainda perdido:

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Na magia de Marrocos

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Iceland – Paradise in Europe’s best kept secret
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Departure date: June 19 to 30 June 2020 

To all who love and respect Nature, Iceland is the embodiment of Heaven on Earth. Immense colonies of puffins, wild geese, diving-ducks and dozens of other migrating birds turn the island into a bustling maternity ward as soon as the temperature rises, on the first sunny days of May. The seas are permanently crossed by whales, while sea lions sunbathe on the edged rocks, so close we can almost stretch our arm and touch them. The scenic landscapes are awe-inspiringly beautiful, downright breathtaking: vast lava fields, endless fjords and deserted plateaus, mountain ranges that shine in a multitude of hues under the sun, black-sand beaches, canyons, geysers and waterfalls. Every single natural phenomenon in one place, as if the gods themselves wanted to sum up their work on the last day of Creation. Iceland is also one of the latest land masses in the world to be formed, surfacing directly above the Atlantic ridge, where the Eurasian plate meets America.



- Duration in moto: 9 days
- Departure/Arrival: Reykjavík
- Total distance covered: 2730 km (1696 mi)
- Rest days: Reykjavík
- Daily distance covered: 200 to 470 km (124 to 292 mi)
- Highlights: Reykjavík, Blue Lagoon, Glaciers
- Accommodations: 11 nights in 4 star and tourist class hotels. Breakfast and Dinners included.
- Best time of the year: June, July and August



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